Believe it or not, this is the second time a wolverine has managed to escape its enclosure from the Saint-Félicien Zoo outside Saguenay, Quebec.

The little rascal was spotted outside Saint-Félicien near La Doré Sunday night just before 6 PM.

The zoo has confirmed that it is not the same wolverine that escaped the zoo this past summer.

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TL;DR This is the second time in less than a year that a wolverine has escaped from the Saint-Félicien Zoo outside Saguenay, Quebec. Check out a video of the little rascal running through the streets below!

The wolverine that managed to escape the Saint-Félicien Zoo in July of last year was able to keep his foray into the wild going for three months. 

The zoo was able to re-capture the animal after it's three-month vacay, within 10 kms of the zoo.

The new escapee, seen in the video below, has still not been found.

Zoo officials are under the impression that the serious freeze that the region underwent recently may have weakened the enclosure, allowing the wolverine the opportunity for escape.

They also indicate that there are traces of the animal's return, implying that it has attempted to return to its enclosure without success.

Wolverines are the largest land-dwelling species of their family most often found in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Their population has steadily declined throughout the 19th century due to trapping, particularly in southern parts of Europe where they used to inhabit.

Officials from the Saint-Félicien Zoo have noted that despite their seemingly scrappy disposition, wolverines are nervous and fearful of humans and are therefore very unlikely to be dangerous. 

However, if you do live in the area and spot the little guy, be sure to get in touch with them via their official site here.

I'm honestly not at all surprised that these guys get out so often, as they are practically the Canadian version of a honey badger. 

And those guys are always determined to escape, as is obvious from the video above.


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