Well, friends, the summer is almost here! And with a new season of fun and sun comes a whole new bunch of celebrities visiting the city.

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With tons of events, and a movie or two filming in Montreal this year, it's no wonder we've got quite a handful of celebs visitng our beautiful city. Here are just a few you might be able to spot during the summer.

Nathan Fillion

She'll be in town this summer filming the newest X-Men movie, along with...

Maisie Williams

David Tennant 

As part of Comiccon, David Tennant - who played The 10th Doctor on Doctor Who - will be coming to Montreal. 

James Marsters 

Along with these celebs, it's been speculated that we might see Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Byrne, James McAvoy, and other celebs in connection with the newest X-Men movie.

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