Going for a jog? Grabbing a drink with friends? Or maybe travelling to a foreign country? Does the fear of rape often lie in the back of your mind? Worry no more. AR Wear, a new clothing company that is attempting to raise funds for $50,000 on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website, offers a line of clothing that is designed against rape.

Their tagline? "A clothing line offering wearable protection for when things go terribly wrong."

The brand designs articles such as underwear, running shorts and travelling pants. Geared to keep rape criminals away, each piece of clothing is built with an indestructible band around the waist, thighs and crotch area. The material is made to resist cutting and pulling and features lock in place elements. The garment's wearer has the ability to set her thigh locks in place so that the leg openings cannot be lifted or pulled.

Deemed to be undeniably comfortable, this anti- rape wear line has already raised $28,000 in contributions.

The brand's promotional video suggests that they "want to make a product that will make women feel safer on a first date or a night out of clubbing [...] or in other potentially risky situations", emphasizing that the product will do justice "even if the person wearing it had too much to drink, was drugged or asleep."

Although the idea behind the brand's new line is to help women and reduce the risk of rape, the company has received some criticism in the past few days. Feminist author, Louise Pennington recently commented that "rather than naming rape for what it is, we obfuscate. Rape is not 'something that goes wrong'. It is a crime with a clear perpetrator who chooses to rape. It isn't an accident."

Others frown upon the brand's new product because it provides a physical constant reminder to women that they should in fact always protect their genitals against the chance of sexual assault.

What do you think about AR Wear's new product and their straight forward tagline? Let us know with your comments! And check out the brand's promotional video:


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