Friends, if you're even remotely interested in Montreal's fashion scene, then the chances are very, very high that you know about Atelier New Regime.

For years, the Montreal-based fashion brand has been making some seriously stylish clothes for men - clothes that were once only available online or through a handful of Montreal boutiques. But not anymore, fans of fashion. Not anymore.

Atelier New Regime is set to open up its first flagship store, right here in Montreal, according to their social media accounts. Which means, of course, that fans of this brand will be able to get their hands on their favourite streetwear pieces a lot easier - and it also means that those of us not yet introduced to New Regime will be able to browse, buy, and fall in love with their stuff.

The store is set to open on April 7 in Montreal's St. Henri. If this sounds like your next favourite boutique, then don't forget to follow Atelier New Regime on Facebook, and check out their announcement below:

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