The 8-hour day, or 40-hour week, is pretty much the standard across most of the world today, even though it started way back in the 1800's. 

Back then, it was a simple idea that just sounded good. You have 24 hours in a day, so you split into 3 parts. "Eight hours' labor, Eight hours' recreation, Eight hours' rest". 

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But some people believe the 8-hour work day is an outdated concept, and we need a 6-hour work day instead, without cutting salaries of course. 

How do we do that? 

Well it turns out that most employees can do the same amount of work in 6 hours as they do in 8. 

If you shorten lunch breaks by a few minutes, eliminate the time you spend on coffee breaks, and all the time you waste calling, texting, participating in unnecessary meetings, or "just checking Facebook or Instagram real quick", you'll quickly realize that most people in North America already work much less than 6 hours a day. 

But they still spend 8 hours at work, which is completely insane.

Some companies in Sweden have experimented with 6-hour work days and they found the employees were actually more productive, focused and happier. There were fewer conflicts in the work place, and less negative feedback overall.

It may not be possible to implement a 6 hour work day in every kind of company, but the ones that could, would benefit greatly from this change. 

What do you think? Should 6-hour work days come to Canada? 

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