If you have a cough, you should probably take some cough syrup. But if you have a fever, well then there's only one prescription for that. MORE CHRISTOPHER WALKEN!

Good news is Christopher Walken is in Montreal and we have the exclusive photos of him walking out of the Ritz Carleton at 2:00pm.

As you can see Mr. Walken was sporting his finest incognito old man attire and seems almost unrecognizable. But he couldn't fool us, this story confirms he's in town filming the movie Nine Lives. And for the doubters, look closely and you'll notice he's wearing the same pants and the same shoes.

That means he's free to walk the streets of Montreal, except for the fact that we just blew his cover. So I guess he'll be returning to his hotel room to change into a new outfit. Hopefully something a little more stealthy.

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