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If you live in Montreal, you already know that you've got the lucky opportunity to be surrounded by a bilingual culture. You an pretty much walk down the main and have English voices enter in one of your ears and French in the other. Scratch that... You can have English, French and Quebecois dialogue all scramble into your ears at once. Despite what several foreigners think, French is very different from our French, and if you're a Montrealer, you already know that.

Check out these commonly used English terms with French versus Quebecois translations:

1. English: Move your assFrench: Tasse- toiQuebecois: Aweille

2. English: BecauseFrench: Parce queQuebecois: Stacose

3. English: RelaxFrench: Détends- toiQuebecois: Camme toé

4. English: I'm so tiredFrench: Je suis si épuiséQuebecois: J'cogne des clous

5. English: I'm in trouble  - French: Je suis dans le pétrinQuebecois: Chu dans marde! 

6. English: Right here  - French: Ici mêmeQuebecois: Drette là

7. English: He has bad breath - French: Il pu de la bouche - Quebecois: Y pu d'la yeul

8. English: I tell you - French: Je te dis - Quebecois: Ch'te dis

9. English: Patio - French: Terrasse - Quebecois: Terrace

10. English: A lot of problems - French: Beaucoup de problèmes - Quebecois: Un sio d'marde

11. English: Anyway - French: En tout cas - Quebecois: Antèka

12. English: Have you ever seen that? - French: As- tu déjà vu ca? - Quebecois: Tatu d'javusa

13. English: She's crying - French: Elle pleure - Quebecois: A braille

Can you tell the difference?

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