Hiding money in envelopes around the city for Montrealers to find is the latest trend, one we can definitely support, because, well, free money. Legerweb is the latest group to jump on the money-hiding bandwagon, as they will be launching a city-wide scavenger hunt with over $2000 in cash prizes starting tomorrow.

Similar to other scavenger-cash hunts, Legerweb will be hiding enveloped areound the city every day starting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 20th. Clues will be given via Legerweb's FB page each day, and from there you'll be sent out into the streets to track down 'dem dollar bills.

One interesting aspect that sets Legerweb's cash hunt apart is the added feature of "a short rally in the streets of Montreal." Not entirely sure what that entails (quote comes from the emailed press release) but hopefully it won't be a hectic mad dash to nab the envelope, or tackle whoever got it first.

Clues will be posted starting tomorrow. So you can plan accordingly, here is the clue-posting schedule:

  • Wednesday, August 20 @ 2pm
  • Thursday, August 21 @ 2pm
  • Friday, August 22 @ 2pm
  • Tuesday, August 26 @ 2pm
  • Thursday, August 28 @ 2pm
  • Friday, August 29 @ 2pm

To get your money hungry hands on over $2000 of free money head over to Legerweb's FB page tomorrow at 2pm for the first clue in their #hiddencash scavenger hunt.

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