When I say "Trudeau", who's the first face that pops into your head? It's definitely Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and no matter what you think of him, you can't deny that he's probably one of the most popular Prime Ministers we've ever had.

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Although you've definitely heard of Justin Trudeau, chances are you might not know too much about his brother Alexandre, AKA Sacha.

I'm here to change that, friend. Because TBH, Alexandre Trudeau has a life just as fascinating as his older brother's.

He shares a famous birthday with another famous Trudeau.

That's right. Both Alexandre and his older brother, Justin, were born on December 25, AKA Christmas Day. The Trudeau brothers are exactly 2 years apart.

And his alma matter might be familiar to most Montrealers.

Alexandre graduated in 1997 from Montreal's McGill University, with a degree in philosophy. A year later, he was already producing his first-ever documentary, Libera, The Secret War. (Sidenote: a year after finishing uni I'm literally on my couch every night eating kale chips and watching KUWTK. So, you know.)

It didn't take him long to find his life passion.

After Liberia, The Secret War, Alexandre went on to become a celebrated documentary film producer and director. He's made a whole bunch of documentaries between 1998 - 2012, most of which specialize in human rights and focus on areas such as Darfur and Baghdad.

He doesn't give an F who the Prime Minister is.

Alexandre is, in his own words, notoriously difficult to censor. And the fact that his bro happens to be Canada's Prime Minister doesn't necessarily mean he'll muzzle his opinions.

He's always been opinionated AF.

When asked about her son's personalities, Margaret Trudeau famously said of her son Alexandre: "[he's] a bit of a revolutionary, very determined and strong-willed." Alexandre was 4 at the time, BTW.

People call him Sacha, not Alex.

I mean, I'm sure some people call him Alex. But he's been nicknamed Sacha since a very young age, a Russian diminutive of the name Alexander and a nod to the love his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, had of Russian culture.

If you've noticed him in the city, there's a good reason for that.

Alexandre currently lives in his father's old home, right here in Montreal; he is the president at Jujufilms, which is headquartered in Montreal; and he's a director of the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation for excellence in social sciences and humanities research and innovation, which also has an office in the city.

His brand new book is actually a lot more interconnected with his fam than you might think.

Alexandre Trudeau's got a new book coming out called Barbarian Lost: Travels In The New China, which is an in-depth personal exploration of China. Interestingly, his brother Justin read the book before his recent visit to China, and the brothers visited the country along with their father Pierre Elliott Trudeau in 1990. Pierre Elliott Trudeau also co-wrote a book about the country after his first few visits in the 1940s and 1960s.

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