This morning I came across a word I had never heard before, when I was listening to the radio.

In fact, I'm not even sure I heard it right, but it kind of sounded like the word "Quebexico".

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As soon as my co-workers and I heard the word, our heads popped up from behind our computer screens like a bunch of meerkats.

I immediately googled the word and it turns out that "Quebexico" is totally a thing, and the Urban Dictionary definitions are simply amazeballs.

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It just goes to show you how we are in a of league of our own, when it comes to poking fun at ourselves.

1. Quebexico:

A term used to describe the condition of hospitals, highways and universities in the French-Canadian province of Quebec. More like Mexico than the rest of North-America (except maybe Louisiana).

Example: When Corey and Trevor visited Québexico, they ate some bad poutine and he had to spend time in a Québexican hospital.

Somehow that comment managed to be offensive to both Quebec and Mexico.

2. Quebexico (Alternate Definition):

Like the name the country the province is implied to be comparable to in infrastructure, it is also a place well known for its lax liquor laws and lower drinking age, compared to its neighboring liquor oppressive province, Ontario. For those that live and drink there, this is the promised land.

Popular tourist destinations include Montreal, Mont Tremblant, and various supermarkets and Costcos in the Gatineau area. They can be spotted with the Ontario license plates all over parking lots, and often be spotted loading multiple 55 packs of beer in the trunks of their car.

Example: Don't eat bad poutine at Tremblant or you might spend time in a Quebexico hospital.

This comment is amazing simply because in the midst of being offensive towards Quebec and Mexico, the author still took the time to fire some shots at Ontario.

3. Quebexican:

Describing all things originating from the Canadian province of Quebexico; including people, objects, dirty accents, & strippers.

Example: The Quebexican stripper wowed the 15 year old audience in Hull, Quebexico; where according to Quebexican law, you must be this tall to drink legally.

So, are you a Quebexican or a Quebexican't?

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