Clubbing is an experience many teenagers count down the days for. Once you hit 18 in Quebec, you're able to vote, play the lottery and drink legally. But turning 18 also means that you're an adult, free to explore the best clubs and bars that Montreal has to offer. In spite of your excitement, and the many stories you've probably heard growing up, your first time clubbing always wasn't what you expected, to say the least.

1. How You Look

Expectation: You thought you'd look and feel glamorous in your new, slightly expensive outfit.

Reality: You actually look quite young compared to the rest of the crowd, and feel nothing close to glamorous while watching your just as inexperienced friend get sick after too many shots.

2. The Music

Expectation: The best music you've ever heard, including a variety of genres so that you don't get tired of fist pumping for three hours.

Reality: The reality is that you'll probably only hear top 40 hits that are already played repeatedly on the radio.

3. The Drinks

Expectation: You will drink a ton and feel great.

Reality: You will drink and feel like crap.

4. The Crowd

Expectation: The club/bar will be packed with people.

Reality: You probably showed up to a club no one really goes to anymore and as a result are standing in the corner with 3 of your friends.

5. The Time

Expectation: The earlier you get there, the better it will be. You won't have to wait in line to get inside, or for coatcheck, or for a drink at the bar.

Reality: Everyone shows up at 12-1am, sometimes even later.

6. The People

Expectation: Everyone will be nice and not at all creepy. You will make new amazing friends and maybe even meet potential love interests!

Reality: There is always one creepy guy or one rude bartender that you have to deal with. In terms of meeting a love interest at a bar or club, you're more likely to find someone who's looking for one thing and it isn't a relationship.

7. The Drama

Expectation: You will enjoy your night without any silly "teenage" drama.

Reality: You will probably witness an argument between two of your friends, your friend and a stranger or your friend and their boyfriend/girlfriend.

8. How The Night Will End

Expectation: You will have the best night of your entire life and remember it forever.

Reality: Your friend just got kicked out for passing out in the corner and now you have to drag them home while trying to avoid any further problems.

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