Raising a child is equally terrifying and gratifying. How many among us have thought about how fun it would to have children, only to think about all of the responsibility involved and then shit your pants in fear. Who knows how you might mess up your kid, and be a 'bad parent.' 'Father to Son,' a photo series by Kristen Schmid, offers an emotional window into the beautiful struggle of parenthood, and gives a great picture of what to expect if you're expecting.

Scmid is the mother and photographer of this series, as she documented the growing relationship between her husband Ted and their son Sam, from three weeks old to age seven. Take a look at the photo series and learn from some good parenting in action.

What I want to bring to the conversation is an examination of how the father-son relationship takes shape. Everyday parent-child interactions are more meaningful and influential than even the participants realize."
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