We've complained a lot about the weather over the last week but, despite the ice today, it's sunny and I'm feeling positive. So I've rounded up a compilation of people enjoying the snow and ice, and being nice to each other, for your viewing pleasure. Sit back, relax, and enjoy these silly, funny, and occasionally touching videos.

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TL;DR Below is a compilation of photos and videos that show the heartwarming and hilarious ways Montrealers dealt with the weather this week.

Mathew Gilmour, from CJAD 800, tweeted out this video this morning. As a man struggles to shovel the frozen snow from around his car, a snowplow stops and makes a car-sized space for him to pass through. 

We also posted this video on our Instagram this morning, which shows two people dressed up in t-rex costumes fighting with snow shovels. Definitely one of the more entertaining things you'll see today.

Also on our Instagram is a video of someone practicing their figure skating moves:

Also, check out this car with a MOUNTAIN of snow on its hood. Hard to believe this is real.

These girls are making the most of the snow, taking a nice, refreshing swim in the fresh snow.

Let's not forget this video that went viral earlier this week, which depicts two jeeps helping out a bus that got stuck in the snow. Talk about transport collectif...

And look at this video of some brave soul winter cycling! People really love their bikes in this city...

There's also something really comical about grown adults walking through the ice in a single line, trying not to fall.

Look at this masterful actor, convincing us all he was about to fall:

And check out this inspiring video of the little engine who could:

This person found a creative way to get to their car despite the flooded street. I'm just surprised they didn't fall over: walking in trash cans is no easy feat:

This paramedic is having a lot of fun in the cold. Props to that guy!

I'm sure that the person in this video realised that their bus was never going to come, got fed up, and came up with this creative way to hitch a ride instead.

Check out this brave soul getting their workout in. Grab those opportunities when you can, I guess!

Here's another person who found another way to get to work this week:

Of course, let us not forget that these kids had the time of their lives this week:

@ilknureryilmaz_embedded via  

There you have it! We should all take a cue from these people, reconnect with our inner child, and go play in the snow for a bit. It will definitely do us some good, and help us relax after another long week.

Have a good weekend, Montreal!


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