Montreal is much more than poutine and landmarks. The cross on Mont-Royal is always nice to look at, but its the alleys, graffiti, and people of Montreal that make the city come alive. Few photographers can capture the gritty-yet-beautiful essence of the city, but photojournalist Marlon Iraheta definitely does.

Compiling photos on his Tumblr page I'm A Montrealer, Iraheta takes to the streets of Montreal "seeking to encapsulate not just people, but also objects, cityscapes, and the surreal."

To a random person, Iraheta's photos may seem like simple street shots. To a Montrealers, however, the photos take on a different level of significance, as they truly do embody Montreal's vibe, much more than a skyline shot ever could.

See if you agree and check out a sample of Iraheta's photos below.

For more photos, check out I'm a Montrealer on Tumblr and the Flickr photostream.

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