You and every single Montrealer deserve to vote for the best parts of the city. Where you think the best food is, the bars you like to get drunk at, the DJs you dance to. There's a reason you keep coming back, and now its time to let the city know why.

That's what the MTL Awards is all about. 

With you and all of Montreal in mind, we are introducing the first edition of the MTL Awards presented by car2go, an online poll to vote for the best, sexiest, and most delicious aspects of Montreal.

Voting is quick, easy, and takes less than two seconds. Food, Art, and Nightlife (the stuff that matters) is what we're focusing on, so get ready to name the top bar in Montreal, the best DJ, the city's greatest poutine and over 25 other subcategories.

The power to name the best of Montreal is in your hands people. To reward your kind service, over $5000 worth of prizes will be up for grabs to anyone who participates. Help your favourite Montreal spots win, and win prizes yourself. Don't let anyone else decide the greatest pieces of Montreal.

Polls officially open on April 14th and ends on May 14th.

Stay tuned!

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