Since the dawn of the internet, porn has graced our electronic screens. One of the biggest porn websites (based in Montreal mind you), Pornhub, released global porn trends from around the world. The infographic tracks trends in porn viewership based on certain global events. Have you ever wondered how many people are watching porno on Christmas? What about New Year's Eve, or the Superbowl? Pornhub is here to educate us.

Euro 2012 finals: +7% in Europe

Actually would not have guessed that. Maybe for good luck? Or to dull the sting of defeat?

iPad 1 Release Date: +9% in USA

As more avenues of porn increase, the more people watch porn. The democratization of porn continues!

2012 Super Bowl: -22% in USA

Fans from cities with teams in the Super Bowl show super dedication. Especially Bostonians, who seem to care more than New Yorkers.

Mayan calendar end of the world: +10% in USA

If we're all going to die, you might as well have a good time going out.

Christmas Eve: Between -16% and -35% in most of the western world

Everyone is too anxious waiting for Santa to come!


Christmas Day: +8% in Japan

Not sure how to explain that.

New Year's Eve 2012: -44% in Canada

No one's watching porn. Everyone's looking for someone to "kiss" at midnight...

Source -- Pornhub Insights

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