Game 7 looms over us all, with anticipation and fan fervor ensnaring the entire city of Montreal. Some may worry the Habs will lose out against Boston in the final game of the second-round playoff series, but not us.

If Game 6's 4-0 win against Boston taught us anything, it's that the Habs are a force to be reckoned with. Not only can they crush their longtime rivals, they can, and maybe will, go on to win the Stanley Cup. And if they do, a province-wide change should be made to commemorate the event.

Forget the boring old two-toned Quebec flag, and say hello to the QuebeCanadiens flag. Not only does this Habs-version have a lot more flair, it showcases just how proud the province is of its premiere hockey time, a pride that will increase ten-fold once the Habs beat Boston and whoever else gets in their way.

Cheers to Montreal Instagrammer @soleil67 for creating this fantastic piece of Habs swag. You are doing God's work.

Do you like the QuebeCanadiens Flag?

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