Alright, guys, personal story time. I'm bad at sports. Like, really, really bad.

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One time, I was playing basketball, and someone threw the ball my way. I made an ~attempt~ at catching it, but it ended up slightly grazing my hand... and that's the story of how I fractured my finger in 3 places for a whole month.

Which is why I always admire literally anyone who's great at sports. And one Turkish woman is literally soaking up all of my admiration at the moment.

Honestly, you need to check out this video of her doing her thing. She's awesome, and obviously super dedicated and talented:

Her name is Kübra Dağli. She's 20 years old, and she just so happens to be a world champion at Taekwondo. She took home the gold medal at the World Championships in Peru in 2016.

Kübra Dağli, keep doing you. You're winning at life, TBH.


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