Montreal's Metro is more than just a means of transportation, It's a Montreal icon.

The map, the colors, the metro logo have all become part of Montreal's landscape for the last 50 years.

This even prompted us to create several metro maps:


Montreal's Metro is much smaller than it should be even though there are a ton of plan on the books to expand the existing system.

But the reality is that even if we added dozens of new stations and a few extra lines, we still wouldn't come close to some of the other Metro systems  around the world.

So we decided to compare Montreal's Metro station with some of the world's biggest and oldest underground railways so see how we rank.

Toronto, Canada

Stations: 69

Lines: 4

System Length: 68.3 km

Moscow, Russia

Stations: 203

Lines: 14

System Length: 339.1 km

London, England

Stations: 270

Lines: 11

System Length: 402 km

Stockholm, Sweden

Stations: 100

Lines: 7

System Length: 105.7 km

Tokyo, Japan

Stations: 179

Lines: 9

System Length: 195.1 km

New York City, USA

Stations: 421

Lines: 34

System Length: 1,362 km

Paris, France

Stations: 300

Lines: 16

System Length: 214 km

Madrid, Spain

Stations: 301

Lines: 13

System Length: 293.0 km

Shanghai, China

Stations: 364

Lines: 14

System Length: 588 km

Mexico City, Mexico

Stations: 195

Lines: 12

System Length: 226.5 km

Seoul, Korea

Stations: 291

Lines: 19

System Length: 331.5 km

Bueno Aires, Argentina

Stations: 86

Lines: 6

System Length: 61.3 km

Vienna, Austria

Stations: 104

Lines: 5

System Length: 78.5 km

Delhi, India

Stations: 86

Lines: 6

System Length: 61.3 km

Montreal, Canada

Stations: 68

Lines: 4

System Length: 69.2 km

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