Though Quebec is generally synonymous with afforability, the city and its surrounding areas have their fair share of impossibly wealthy people. According to Forbes' list of the richest people in Canada, 2 of the 10 richest people in the country are Quebecers.

We're all fascinated by the lifestyle of the rich and the famous. That's why our colleagues at Narcity Quebec into some elite real estate market websites and found the most expensive houses for sale in the province.

Montreal's elite live in some stunning houses, where home cinemas, indoor spas, gigantic marble tubs and lavish décor are the norm. Read on to ogle at some of the beautiful mansions currently on the Quebec real estate market.

5. 1245 Redpath-Crescent, Ville-Marie 

Price: $15 million.

This stunning house in the Golden Square Mile has a 14 CAR GARAGE, 6 bedrooms, a stunning, multi-level backyard and a swimming pool.

Find the listing here.

4. 3 Roxborough, Westmount

Price: $17.9 million.

This Westmount home, with its 7 bedrooms, 3-car garage and huge outdoor swimming pool has me dreaming about a world in which I could host pool parties and sip mojitos all summer long.

Find the listing here.

3. 1951 Nicholas-Austin, Austin 

Price: $18.8 million.

This huge lot in the east of the province on a beautiful lakeshore features a church, a barn, and several houses, one of which has recently been renovated.

Find the listing here.

2. 905 des Skieurs, Tremblant

Price: $21.9 million.

This wildly luxurious home has several swimming pools, a guest house, a fully-equipped indoor spa with massage tables, a movie theatre and an outdoor kitchen, among other unbelievable features. Luxury at its finest.

Find the listing here.

1. 41 Forden, Westmount

Price: $26.5 million.

This huge Westmount home has a huge pool, tennis court, and a guest house, as well as other luxurious ammenities and a price tag that might feel like a slap in the face.

Find the listing here.

Now, most of us will probably never be able to afford this kind of real estate, but it's fun to dream, right?

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