Beauty ideals in 2015 are more unattainable than ever. Beautiful face, pouty lips, generous breasts, tiny waist, a luscious booty AND a thigh gap?!?! How is this even possible? Thanks Kim K, thanks a lot.

The fact that beauty ideals are not static and are highly subjective to whatever magazines deem "most beautiful" this year should make us question their validity. The physical qualities we embrace today are very often different from those we praised yesterday. Very suspicious, right? Let's see how beauty standards have changed over the years.

1980's - The Supermodel Era

Tall, leggy women are what's considered beautiful. She's the hot girl next door that does aerobics and eats healthy... and maybe, just maybe you could look like her. Let's be real though, there's no way one could look like Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell... However, the lifestyle these models were advocating was healthy and fun.

1990's - The "Kate Moss" Era

Kate Moss takes over the fashion world and makes everyone want to look like her. It is a drastic change from the 1980s supermodel tall Amazonian look. At only 5'7", Moss is petite, quite thin even by industry standards, and slightly unathletic. It's definitely not the healthiest image to project to the world as the "ideal" beauty.

2000's - The Abs & Tan Era

Gisele Bundchen is the beauty ideal. She is tall, athletic, tanned and she has rock hard abs. Consequently, spray tans and personal trainers are extremely popular. "Heroin chic" 90s are not cool anymore, everyone now wants to look like the gorgeous Victoria's Secret model.

Photo cred - Missxpose

2010's - The Booty Era

Who's hot today? Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and JLo. What do they all have in common? You guessed it, a luscious booty. But wait, current beauty standard is not JUST booty... it's also beautiful face, pouty lips, generous breasts, tiny waist, big booty and a thigh gap all at the same time. It's pretty much impossible to achieve naturally, no matter how healthy you eat or how many hours you spend at the gym.

As a result, women go to crazy extents to look a certain way. Plastic surgeries, waist trainers and other unhealthy things are at peak popularity. In an interview in Harpers Bazaar, plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen J. Greenberg explains, "Women are asking for larger, but more natural-looking breasts as well as enhanced buttocks, rounder hips and slimmer thighs," adding that requests for Kardashian-esque butts are at an all-time high, and that while some women may be born with a thigh gap, most require inner thigh laser lipo to remove exercise-resistant fat. "Using liposuction to shrink certain areas and liposuction combined with fat transfers to enhance others is definitely the new trend." He also mentions that waist trainers can restrict breathing and stimulate pooling of blood in the legs which could encourage clots to form and consequently interfere with function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Remember, body ideals are nothing but a trend. Rather than chasing that list of supposedly "perfect" ASSets (see what I did here?), we should just embrace our natural beauty. If we could all wake up, accept ourselves as we are and just be healthy, that would be great.

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