In Montreal, the average price of a standard pint of beer at a pub is approximately $6.50. Some consider it to be expensive while others care little about splurging on 7 pints a night. So we wondered, how do tourists, from around the country feel about the prices of beer at our bars. More specifically, we looked at how many beers (at a price of $6.50) each province could afford, based on one hour of minimum wage paid work.

  • In Quebec, the minimum wage is $10.15 an hour. $10.15/$6.50= 1.56 beers.
  • In Ontario and British Columbia, the minimum wage is $10.25 an hour. $10.25/$6.50= 1.58 beers.
  • In Manitoba and Yukon, the minimum wage is $10.45 an hour. $10.45/$6.50= 1.61 beers.
  • In Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, the minimum wage is $10 an hour. $10/$6.50= 1.54 beers.
  • In Nunavut, the minimum wage is $11 an hour. $11/$6.50= 1.7 beers. 
  • In Nova Scotia, the minimum wage is $10.30 an hour. $10.30/$6.50= 1.58 beers.
  • In Alberta, the minimum wage is $9.95 an hour. $9.95/ $6.50= 1.53 beers

First on the list for the ability to afford the most amount of beers in Montreal goes to Nunavut. The bottom of the list goes to Alberta, for only being able to afford just over a beer and a half in Montreal, with their hourly minimum wage.

With only six provinces below us, we Montrealers come in at the middle  of the list when it comes to the ability of purchasing a good ol' pint of our own beer with an hours work. However, while Nunavut has the highest minimum wage per hour, the province also pays most among all other Canadians for a pint of beer. Consider Quebecois beer to be a privilege for those living up north!

What do you think of the price of beer in Montreal?


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