It's that time of the year again. The time where no natter how hard you try, you simply can't avoid putting on a few holiday pounds.

It kinda hard to avoid. Even if you skip all the cookies, candy canes, holiday drinks, and chocolates from you advent calendars, you still have Christmas dinner to deal with.

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So how many calories are in your Christmas Dinner?

According to The Mirror, the average holiday meal clocks in at over 7,000 calories, which is more than twice the recommended daily amount.

So how long will it take to work that meal off? Well that depends on the method you choose.

1. Push-ups

A single pushup burns on average 0.75 calories, so you’ll need to do about 9,300 individual push-ups.

2. Sit-Ups

If you can do 100 sit-ups in 10 minutes, you’ll burn about 57 calories, so you’ll have to do about 12,280 sit-ups.

3. Jogging

A 120 pound person can burn up to 11.4 calories per minute of running. So you’ll need to run for 10.2 hours.

A 170 pound person can burn up to 17.0 calories per minute of running. So you’ll need to run for 6.8 hours.

4. Kissing

Kissing burns 68 calories an hour so you'll need a 116.6 hour make-out session.

5. Sex

Finally the one you've all been waiting for.

Sex burns on average 144 calories per half hour (unless, you’re barely participating.) So you’ll need about 24.3 hours of sex to compensate for that holiday dinner.

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