Poutine is a magical dish you can't help but crave every once in awhile, especially when you've been drinking. But when you're done eating, you tend to feel a little guilty.

This is totally normal considering a typical 500g poutine in Montreal packs a massive amount of  fat and calories.

According to Calorie Count, a poutine contains 1,449 calories, 77.551g of fat, 2,020mg of sodium and 4.082g of sugar. The amount of exercise you need to burn off poutine depends on your chosen exercise method, here's the breakdown:

1. Pushups

A single pushup burns on average 0.75 calories, so you'll need to do about 1,932 individual pushups. This task is a lot harder with a stomach full of poutine.

2. Running

A 120 pound person can burn up to 11.4 calories per minute of running.  So you'll need to run for 2.11 hours.

A 170 pound person can burn up to 17.0 calories per minute of running. So you'll need to run for 1.42 hours.

The one time being fat pays off. (Oh wait, I forgot about Sumo wrestling.)

3. Pullups

The pullup breakdown is simple: 1 pullup burns about 1 calorie. How does 1,449 pullups sound?

4. Situps

If you can do 100 situps in 10 minutes, you'll burn about 57 calories. Which means you'll have to do about 2,542 situps to get rid of all those cheesy, gravy soaked calories.

Now onto the fun stuff. You can hit the gym all you want, but there's definitely a better (and more fun) way to burn calories: Sex. 

5. Kissing

Kissing burns 68 calories an hour so you'll need a 21 hour makeout session once you're done eating.

6. Sex

And now the one you've all been waiting for. Sex burns 144 calories per half hour (unless, you're barely participating.) So you'll need about 5 hours of sex to compensate for that poutine you just ate.

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