There's a lot more benefits from doing yoga than we believe. So much actually, that it is considered as addictive as using recreational drugs - always craving for more. Difference here is that the craving is natural, healthy, and will make you live a longer life, (unlike drugs).

For the non yoga connoisseurs, yoga is a blend of relaxation, meditation and synchronization to give you a coordinated balance of all three through systematic exercises.

Coming from no background in this practice, (except for multiple failed attempts at taking yoga classes in my youth) I never knew the benefits of yoga. I got introduced to Stephanie Parent from a reference, and decided to finally attend a one-on-one private class. I never expected the results from just one class with her.

Stephanie didn't originally come from a background of peace and relaxation. She worked in the fashion industry - working in the fields of marketing and sales. Her job was overwhelming at times, which increased her stress level.

After 10 yeas in the industry, she said goodbye to pressure and welcomed yoga practice into her life. They say your calling comes at the most unexpected of times. This was definitely the case for Stephanie. She followed a formation in India, under one of the best practitioners, and came back to Montreal to open her own private practice here.

After interviewing the master of the trait, here are the reasons why you need to begin your yoga practice RIGHT NOW.

1. Yoga is proven to reduce anxiety, and depression.

Photo cred - @alessandrar5

2. It Boosts sexual performance

3. It forces you to expand your muscles, building flexibility and endurance.

Yoga opens up your hips, flexes muscles that we don't usually use every day. 

4. It calms the mind

Teaches you how to breathe properly, to stay at peace. Think of it like a baby. When a baby breathes you can physically see their stomachs rising up and down at each breath, yet when an adult breathes you don't see it. That's because as we get older, we stop using our stomachs and only breathe using our upper lungs.

6. It forces you to relax

Take 10-15 minutes each day in peace. Some of us get so caught up in every day routines, that we don't take the time to just breathe, and let it all go. It's important for our mind to reset itself,

Photo cred - @erica_filote

7. Yoga gives you a natural body high

Meditate, relax, reflect. 

7. It heals

Yoga is proven to heal migraines, back pains, and even arthritis. 


The power of cleansing your thoughts. Kriya is a technique of purification. It cleanses your organs, recirculates your energy flow and releases your spirit and heart through inner healing.

9. Uses the holistic approach

Uses different forms: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It connects your physical endurance, flexibility and muscle training with meditation, breathing exercises and psycho-analysis. Talk about multi-tasking at its finest.

Yoga Works is the concept of integrating yoga techniques to heal pain and injuries. For more information on Yoga Works, check out their Website.


Book your next session with Stephanie!

I promise, you won't regret it. I know I didn't.

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