If you know me even a little bit, then you know one thing about me: I'm addicted to cheese.

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And I don't use the term 'addicted' lightly in this situation. It's to the point where if I don't have some form of cheese at some point in the day, I'm just in a super crabby mood.

You should also know that I'm not one to turn down a challenge.

So, when I read an article about how milk might not be the best for you, and the article challenged me to cut out all dairy products for a week, I was super into it.

Still it was tough, guys, I won't lie. It turns out, cream, yogurt, milk, and cheese was in my diet at every single level, and tearing myself away from the cycle of dairy products was super difficult.

Rather than tell you about my struggles though, I'm going to tell you how I felt after the first week and a half - because, honestly, I did feel pretty awesome.

The first thing I noticed was that my skin looked a whole lot clearer by Friday, almost exactly a week and a half after I started the challenge.

Which I was really happy about, because at the risk of being a little bit TMI with you guys, my skin is normally greasy AF.

I've tried a lot of things to clear up the greasefest on my face, but nothing really worked. Then I stopped eating cheese, and what do you know? My face cleared TF up, almost ASAP.

I also realized a bunch of little things that were beginning to get better, too. I no longer felt super bloated after every meal; the permanent "frog in my throat" I seemed to get at the end of the each day was beginning to clear up; and all in all, I just felt a lot more energized.

It should be noted, though, that when I was a kid I was lactose intolerant. I had the pills and everything, so maybe the fact that I felt better pretty quickly could be attributed to that in some way? I don't know. All I do know is that I was starting to feel really good...

... And then my friend came over to my place with an extra cheesy pizza and I cracked. One bite, and I totally let go of the reigns. Let's just say, excited to be reunited with my favourite food, I may or may not have eaten a thing of cream cheese straight from the container.

I definitely felt kind of terrible after going on my cheese-bender, and now I'm back to consuming dairy like a fiend. But it was good while it lasted, and I definitely think that when I'm stronger, I'll be making this challenge a little more permanent.

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