Alright, confession time: I actually don't like winter all that much.

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I know it's not too much of a confession, considering pretty much nobody loves winter, but still. The only thing I do like about winter? The holidays.

There's something super festive and awesome about the holiday season, and honestly, nothing makes me feel as happy as all these Christmas festivities.

And when I see someone who's obviously just as thrilled about the holidays as I am? Yeah, that's just the cherry on top of an awesome sundae.

One Montrealer in particular seems to be full of the holiday spirit: he just might have one of the most decorated houses in the whole city, located in Montreal's Cartierville (9035 Avenue Jean-Bourdon).

The decorations include lights everywhere (on the house, on the lawn, in the trees); Christmas-themed Minions, wreaths, colour-changing snowflakes, and a whole lot of awesome.

Guys, there's even a giant, inflatable nutcracker on the other side of the house!

Is this the most Christmassy house in Montreal? Quite possibly, friends. Quite possibly

Sidenote: am I the only one who truly believes this guy should have decorated our official Christmas tree, or..?

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