What do you do when your daughter's boyfriend from New Zealand is visiting the family for the winter? Give him a building project that will take a while, will look pretty, and is wholly Canadian. So basically tell him to build a multicolored igloo, which is exactly what happened to Daniel Gray, a New Zealander spending time in Edmonton with his girlfriend and his family.

The work the couple did is inspiring, partly for the hard work put in and mostly for the mesmerizing end product. Using household products, the couple made the Sistine Chapel of igloos. For real, its like they did stained glass-snow. Want to recreate their awesome snow structure? Here's the recipe:


  • Snow/ice (and lots of it)
  • Milk cartons
  • Food coloring
  • Time and hard work

Clear the space for your monumental winter palace

Amass your empty milk cartons. Hope you've been stockpiling

Fill with food coloured-ice

Lay down your ground ring

Add in that snow mortar

Now layer up

Keep going

Now put a roof on that trick

Enter the glory of your labour

And make all of your neighbors jealous as you chill in your multicoloured igloo chill spot (pun intended)

Source - Global 

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