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Who cares about EDM, Jazz, and film festivals when we've got a summer event based around everyone's favourite beverage? That beverage is beer btw, and the brews will be back in full force come early June for the 2014 edition of Mondial de la bière, or as its more casually referred to as BeerFest.

Five days of beer drinking will be held at Palais d des congrès from Wednesday June 11th- to Sunday June 15th, both inside and outside.  Official press releases on the amount of beers and exhibitors aren't out yet, but if 2014's BeerFest will be anything like last year's (if not better) than expect 500+ styles of drinks (beer, meads, ciders, etc.) from 120+ breweries, and tons of food and beer-related events.

Admission is free but all the beer isn't, because this isn't a perfect world. Tasting coupons will be sold for $1.00 each, most beers costing 2 (or max 6) coupons each, with each tasting sized at 3-4 ounces. Glasses will be given to guests, but feel free to bring own 12 ounce mug.

Many of Montreal's breweries and microbreweries will be out in full force come June 11th, so you should probably show them some support and drink a bunch of beer. Not that you don't regularly, just make sure to do it at BeerFest, where getting day-drunk will be socially acceptable...well at least somewhat more than usual.

To stay in the loop, check out the BeerFest FB page and the official website, in case you need any more info other than beers on beers on beers come June 11th.

Will you be at Mondial de la bière

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