Guys, I love Kim Kardashian. If you think that's shallow or vapid of me, then that's fine. People don't have to like the same things in life, guys.

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But I love Kim K, and honestly, I think if she moved to Canada (Kanada?), it would be a beautiful thing. Sure, it might be a little bit weird to picture the Kardashians trudging through a slushy Montreal street, but trust. Kim and her krew would fit right in.

1. If you need a fresh start, there's no better place than Canada.

Not saying that Kim needs a fresh start or anything, but sometimes, you might need a little change of scenery.

And what better place to get it than our glorious AF country? Chill people, good vibes, healthcare... honestly, Canada is just one good thing after another.

2. She can chill in Mont Tremblant, the Vale of Quebec.

The Kardashians are known for taking their family vacations in Vale, Colorado, which is a luxurious AF town centered on skiing. Sound familiar? This pretty much fits the bill for Mont Tremblant, another luxury (and awesome) skii spot.

3. There's no place more worthy of a romantic KimYe date than Quebec City.

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Other than having a rich history (which is romantic to some of us!), Quebec is full of gorgeous spots, like the beautiful Chateau Frontenac hotel, and even better places to go grab a bite to eat. Who even needs Paris, TBH.

4. The beaches in the country? Picture perfect for a Kardashian vacation.

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Okay, maybe Canada's most beautiful beaches aren't as tropical as the ones in L.A. But they're still beautiful and a lot of fun in their own unique ways, so it all works out!

5. We take our food very, very seriously.

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Not just our restaurants, which are all incredibly awesome; but we're also health nuts throughout the country. Which means you can go pretty much anywhere in Canada and be guaranteed organic, tasty, and super healthy food choices - which is right up the Kardashian's alley.

6. There are beautiful people everywhere in Canada, so Kim would fit right in.

I mean, come on, Canadians are all highkey beautiful - inside and out.

7. The mansions in Montreal are probably even prettier than the ones in Calabasas.

I mean, have you ever been to Westmount?

8. Keeping fit is pretty much our thing.

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In numerous current episodes of The Kardashians, Kourtney and Khloe are spotted working out in Khloe's giant courtyard.

So, it's safe to say most of the Kardashians love to keep active... And what better place to live your best healthy lifestyle than by, say, jogging through Banff National Park? Or paddling through Moraine Lake? Or hiking up Mount Logan in the Yukon? (Okay, a bit of a stretch. But still).

9. We've got Trudeau.

I don't even have to explain this one.

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