La Ronde is a classic Montreal summer activity.  Fun fact: La Ronde was originally built for Expo 67. And has come a long way since then.

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Today La Ronde is owned and operated by 6 Flags and has developed into a bonafide amusement park with some incredible rides that make even the biggest attraction parks in North America a little jealous.

The one downside of this development is that day pass prices have skyrocketed over the years. A single day pass for an adult will run you about $50.

That said, La Ronde knows that you probably want to go more than once in the summer, so they offer a variety of package deals on season passes. 

Depending on how often you plan on going, you can purchase a season pass that fits your needs. The best news is they are having a crazy deal for Easter weekend where season passes are up to 60% off!

The sale is over April 1st - so jump on this opportunity ASAP! The park will be officially open Saturday, May 19th!

For all the information click, here!

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