When the snow melts and the sun awakes from its wintery slumber, all Montrealers want to do is go outside. And stay there. They want to eat outside, read outside, sleep outside, and even shop outside. Lucky for us, the city has caught on to our affinity for the exterior world, and adapted accordingly.

Sidewalk sales are amazing for a plethora of reasons. They promote small businesses, build a sense of community, all that jazz. But the reason I love them, is because they feel like summer. So, if you too want to bask in the seasonal glory, here are ALL the Montreal sidewalk sales you should attend this summer.

1. Saint Catherine Street Sidewalk Sale

July 11th -12th

2. Gay Village Street Sale


3. Back-To-School Sidewalk Sale

August 20th-23rd

4. Pave Poesie

May 28th - 31st

5. SDC Promenade Wellington

August 30th - September 3rd

6. Promenades Hochelaga Maisonneuve

June 2nd - June 7th

7. Atmosph'air On The Plaza

July 8th - 12th

8. Cote-des-Neiges Sidewalk Sale

September 8th -11th

9. Nuit Blanche sur Tableau Noir

August 27th - 30th 

10. Mural Fest

June 4th - 14th

11. Montreal Italian Festival

August 7th -16th

12. Promenade Masson

May 26 to May 29, July 6 to July 10 (to be confirmed), August 24 to August 28 (to be confirmed)

13.  Monkland Village Sidewalk Sale

August 21st - 24th 

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