When you think about Montreal's amusement park only one thing comes to mind, La Ronde of course! Summer just isn't summer without a trip to our beloved amusement park. But before there was La Ronde there was a lesser known amusement park operating in Montreal from 1923 to 1983, I'm talking about Belmont Park.

This wasn't just a gathering of pony rides, carnival games and booths where someone tries to guess your weight, this was a full blown park complete with a large wooden roller-coaster called The Cyclone, a carousel, a Ferris wheel (this one actually worked unlike Montreal's most recent investment) a pool, a skating rink and even a "kiddieland."

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After paying your 35¢ admission fee, you crossed the gates where you were greeted by a loud puppet known as the The Laughing Lady. You passed by rows of snack bars and concession stands until you reached the ticket booth to you buy a strip of 15¢ tickets which gave to a boat, a train, bumper cars and a ton of other rides.

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The park was shut down in 1983 shortly after a police raid. Apparently the city of Montreal which owned La Ronde at the time wasn't too happy about a privately owned park luring their customers away.

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