Alright, let me just start off by saying that I do not handle spicy foods well.

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I used to think that I did, but then I tried sushi infused with Satan's Blood (which is basically an 800,000 Scoville kick to the throat), and I realized that no. Hot sauce is not my bae. But all the pain was worth it, because it makes for one pretty hilarious story today. 

One Montreal photographer by the name of Matt Garies seems to agree.

He's photographed numerous Montreal bartenders trying Sinai Gourmet hot sauce (which is an estimated 1.4 million Scoville unites) at the exact moment of hot sauce-induced agony, in his photo series Hot as F#$%; and TBH, it's pretty, pretty funny.

Callayna Bajer, Brass Door Pub

I can hear the "oh nnooooo" from here. 

Cody Stoffmaker, Brass Door Pub

Just smile through the pain, friend.

Jayne Boulanger, Chez Nick

Straight-up, this does not look like a fun time.

Elias Shamshoum, NextDoor Pub

When the hot sauce pain is so intense you get a tad disoriented...

Dan Buchanan, Brass Door Pub

He does not seem affected. Keep doing you, sir. 

Jess Mcknight, Brass Door Pub

I can actually, honestly feel the pain through my computer screen.

Daniel Pelletier, Brass Door Pub

Looks like a painful time, friend. 

Micha S, Le Vieux Dublin

... A really painful time, friend!

Ryan Fyfe, NextDoor Pub

I feel this facial expression on a spiritual level.

Chrystal Boyd, Comedy Nest

TBH, I wish I looked this on fleek while ingesting pure spice.

Ali Vaillancourt, NextDoor Pub

I can actually feel the hot sauce agony from here.

Stephanie Richer, NextDoor Pub

What my soul looks like when eating anything spicier than black pepper.

Matt Garies, NextDoor Pub

Looking suspiciously chill, TBH.

If you enjoyed this, check out Montreal photographer Matt Garies on Facebook and Instagram!

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