Appearances can be very deceiving. Snap judgement and assumptions made solely through physical appearances, or applying stereotypes to any racial or social group, can take away from the depth of who someone really is. Artist 2Fik, based in Montreal, challenges the idea of identity and societal preconceptions in his photography, which can be seen La Galerie Espace (4844 St. Laurent) starting today until January 21st.

2Fik's photography is instantly interesting. An ode to art-buffs, much of his 22 series of photos are a recreation of classic works of art, with a hilarious twist. Placing himself into these famous images, sometimes in scandalous poses, 2Fik plays with idea of beauty and identity in renowned artistic creations. Social commentary runs deep in 2Fik's photography, but a sense of fun and lightheartedness make them very accessible to anyone who may just want to see some cool photos.

For a sample of what's in store at 2Fik's exhibition, take a look at the photos below.

For info on 2Fik's work, SURF his official webpage and LIKE his Facebook page.

Join the 2Fik Museum Vernissage event here.

For more in art and photography in Montreal, follow Michael on Twitter @MDAlimonte
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