Few things are quite as inspiring as a young kid with big dreams. Things get even more personal/adorable when they're from your home city, as you can't really help but support them in their endeavours.

That's exactly the case with Brandon, aka BSWAG, a twelve-year-old Montrealer who hopes to dance on stage with the one and only Justin Bieber. And all of us can help.

In case you didn't know, Bieber is giving four talented individuals the chance to dance on stage with him during his Purpose Tour . The only thing contestants have to do is master a dance routine, something Brandon has already done.

Dancing since he was just two years old, Brandon/BSWAG wants nothing more than to have the chance to kick it on-stage with the Biebz. Seriously, his enthusiasm is infectious, and his dancing skills are nothing to scoff at either.

To help a fellow Montrealer realize his dreams, all you need is check out Brandon's video and give it a share, to ensure he gets as many views as possible. Just be sure to tag it #purposetourchildren #purposetourchildrenmontreal!

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