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All the ladies who love hockey (and the guys who like guys who like hockey) it's time to bust out your judgement caps and get your hotness scales ready to measure out some men to see if you agree with Hello! Canada's list of the top ten hottest NHL bachelors of 2014.

The full list of sexy male hockey players has yet to be released, though they have given us all a sneak peak on a couple of bachelors. Definitely making the top ten are Sidney Crosbey of the Pittsburg Pengiuns, and much more importantly, the Habs' P.K. Subban.

Titled a "25-year-old heartthrob" (agreed) by Hello!, Subban made their list not only for being the highest-scoring defenceman in the NHL and for having an Olympic gold medal, but also for his renowned sense of humor, approachability, and all too adorable charm. Once again, agreed on all points.

Check out the full description by Hello! Canada here and be sure to vote for your favourite hockey hunk.

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