Some jobs seem to good to be true.

Jobs like Ice Cream Testers, Ferrari Driving Instructor or LEGO-LAND designer.

But there's one amazing job that seems unreal simply  because you'll never believe it actually exists.

Professional Bridesmaid.

A Company called Bridesmaids wants to pay you to crash weddings as the Maid of Honor.

But don't worry, you're not getting paid to pretend to be some dorky, friendless bride's best friends. You're there to help the bride and her bridesmaids will every detail of the wedding plan.

Wedding are chaotic and bridal parties sometimes needs and outsider to stay calm, be decisive and solve all the problems that will inevitably arise.

Basically you handle the dirty work so that the bride and her bridesmaids can focus on enjoying the wedding.

The packages include everything from behind the scenes work, to Bridesmaid Bootcamps, to actually standing at the side of the bride on her big day.

Did we mention you can get paid up to $2,000 per event?

So what are you waiting for? Apply now!

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