One major problem with having a Starbucks addiction (among a few) is the gosh darn'd price. We all love our Vanilla Bean Frappucinos, Cinnamon Dolce Cappucinos, and Two-Pump White Mocha Light-Foam Extra-Hot Soy Chai Lattes, they all just put a huge dent in our wallets. It's a sad day when you can't afford your morning brew, but it happens.

Thank the gods of coffee and overly sweet biddy-beverages for Free Starbucks Day, otherwise known as "Friends and Family Day," the opening event for most Starbucks locations, and today, a new Starbucks is opening its doors.

We spoke to the new Starbucks location's manager Patricia Sterling, who confirmed the opening celebrations. Sterling was kind enough to get some more specific info on the event, so here's the basic breakdown:

  • Who: Montreal's newest Starbucks location, and you!
  • Where: 474 Mcgil l(map).
  • When: June 19th, from 4pm to 7pm
  • Why: To raise funds for the Montreal's Mission Old Brewery
  • How: Instead of paying for your drink, make a similarly sized donation

Support a good cause and help better the city as you enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up. Technically it won't be free with a donation, but you'll be a much better person and gain some serious karma points.

Will you be getting Starbucks?

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