Christmas is nearly here, and everyone in Montreal is asking themselves "where the hell is all the snow?" Granted, we'd all start complaining about a frenzy of falling snowflakes as soon as a storm hits, but right now we're all left wanting that magic winter wonderland aesthetic a solid snowfall provides.

But this winter seems to be all about the mild weather more than frosty precipitation, making the entire holiday season a lot less magical. Now, we're not saying we don't enjoy the current warmer-than-normal weather, we just want to have our cake and eat it too.

Basically, we want warm weather and the beauty that snow provides. Impossible, I know, but not through the magic of photography sprinkled with a little self-delusion.

So to give you a reminder of just how pretty the city would be if we were going through a typical Montreal winter, here's a photo compilation of what Montreal would look like if we actually had some snow on the ground.

Oh, if only we could skate, slide, and fish on the St. Lawrence right now.

Not that I ever snowshoe, but it'd be nice to have the option. These two make it look so fun.

Even Verdun looks a lot better with a bit of snow.

An oft forgotten bonus of snow: less bikes on the road/sidewalks

Sun + Snow + Park = Magic

Look at all those kids having fun. Too bad outdoor skating isn't a thing this winter.

All that white on the ground really makes the city's colours pop

See what I mean?

Even the Olympic Tower looks better with some snow around

Photo cred - Vlad G

Dog sledding is easily the coolest way to travel.

No snowstorms means no snow days, so don't call it a blessing.

That nighttime glow though.

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