We've heard of weed scavenger hunts, city-wide hidden-money searches, and quests for free bar tabs, but here's a prize-based exploration that every Montrealer can enjoy: a beer scavenger hunt. Bières et Plaisirs is giving all of Montreal a chance to discover the beautiful beers  and microbreweries of the city, with their "Rallye Découverte Brassicole 2014" event on October 12th.

Essentially a scavenger hunt all about Montreal's craft brewers and their delicious beers, the Montreal beer scavenger hunt will take you all around the city in search of clues, puzzles, and most importantly, beer.

A journey into Montreal's craft beer scene, the event will be an on-foot tour of the city, using the metro and your own to legs as transport. Given the fact that you're gonna be drinking a bunch of beer, that's probably for the best.

To give you a sense of what's in store for you and your liver during Bières et Plaisirs's city-wide quest for great beer, here are a sample of the scavenger hunt's itinerary:

  • 18 different stops/bars to taste Montreal-made beer
  • Beer pairings with food (cheese, chocolate, etc.) and other alcohols
  • Clues and puzzles given throughout the day to get points to win prizes
  • Over 40 different beer-related products to be enjoyed
  • A reception/award ceremony to end the day's festivities

Excited yet? You can make your own team (2-6 people) by registering and buying tickets here. All you need is a smartphone/tables (for on the fly quizzes), a camera for pics. some walking shoes, and the desire to drink beer, but we know you've got that last one in spades.

Also worth noting is the fact that the whole hunt is a "free-style," meaning you can go to all the stops in any order you like. A great feature, because no one likes to follow rules after a couple of pints.

Find out more about Bières et Plaisirs's Rallye Découverte Brassicole 2014 at the facebook event page here.

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