It's official, Montreal will be getting its very own ALLSAINTS store!!! There is no formal opening date yet, but it's been confirmed that the iconic British fashion retailer is, in fact, opening a first location in our city this year 2016.

Photo cred - Francis Chevalier (Snapchat)

The highly anticipated store is located on De La Montagne street, just above Maisonneuve. Great Downtown location, I couldn't be more excited about this.

If you're not familiar with this brand, I strongly recommend you check out their collection for both men and women, because it's honestly the best. ALLSAINTS is famous for its quality leather jackets, fall/winter clothes (perfect!), post-grunge street wear and no bright colors. So if you're into black, grey and white wardrobe statements - you will fall in love with this store's monochrome palette.

I have been suffering with having to pay international handling fees for so long, my prayers have finally been answered. Thank you ALLSAINTS! Can't wait to shop at your new store.

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