Being original is really hard in Montreal. Especially considering all the weirdness you find in this city. Hair styles and fashion have always been pretty unusual here but these days it isn't enough to simply dress originally, you gotta get yourself an original pet to truly stand out.

Yesterday we wrote about this Montrealer who enjoys long walk with her pet ... pot belly pig

But it appears a though we found someone who has her beat. 

My girlfriend was out yesterday when she noticed a guy with a rat tail. The only thing was that the tail wasn't part of the man's hair. When she got closer she was greeted by the man's pet who turned around to say hi.

Yup, this guy was just out chilling and taking his pet rat for a stroll. At least I hope. The crazier theory is that this guy is baked out of his mind and he simply didn't notice he had a rat on his shoulder.

If it is his pet, that's pretty impressive. I can't take my dog out without a leash but this guy can take out his rat?! That's one obedient rat.

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