Question what you see. That is the goal of Montreal photographer Sean Mundy, to make his audience find meaning in the strangest of images. Drawing inspiration from simple sources (single feelings, moments in life, the city) Mundy creates photos that are arguably simplistic, but rich with meaning. You can look at one of Mundy's photos and be filled with a full range of emotions, depending on your own beliefs and ideas, a style of open interrpration Mundy strives towards.

I hope for people to see meaning in my photos where I never intended there to be meaning

Born and raised in Montreal, Mundy is 22 years old, and shoots with a Canon rebel XTI with a 50mm f/1.4.  Mundy only began professionally photographing last summer, not that you could tell by the quality of his work, where he began his "52 Week" series, taking a photo for every week of the year. Many of Mundy's photos are set in a natural environment, a direct influence from living in Montreal. Trying to break the normal, Mundy goes outside of the city to take viewers into sublime nature.

Mundy's models and environments are all quite varied, but a seductive darkness runs through all of his work. Each image is imbued with a slight grotesqueness layered with a youthful softness. Looking ahead, and following his own trend of gravitating towards darker elements, Mundy plans on shooting photos to represent concepts that are bizarre and visually serene, but still relatable on the personal level. Take a look at Mundy's work below to see what his young and talented Montreal photographer can do.

For more of Mundy's work, check out his Flickr feed and his Facebook page. 

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