St. Paddy's Day (otherwise known as Irish Day in the MTL Blog office) is less than a week away, and we all know what that means: Irish-level all-day drunkage. And by "all" I mean all, as even the SPVM are well aware the whole city is gonna get shwasted.

To make sure everyone knows all the details about St. Patrick's Day celebrations, and no one dies, the SPVM released a very helpful Saint Patrick's Day 2014 Survival Guide. More than just a rant of how to stay sober, the guide actually has some legit bits of info. Here's the rundown:

The Parade

Montreal's 191st St. Paddy's Parade will start at noon on March 16th at the corner of Fort & St. Catherine, and will finish at Phillips square. Get there in green and dress warmly, cuz it's probably not going to be above zero. Here's a map below.

SPVM Tips and Tricks

  • Eat - St. Paddys is a feast day, so fuel up with a good meal before you start your liquid diet.
  • Pace - Don't feel obliged to have every round. It's a marathon people, not a sprint.
  • Water - Yeah it's non-alcoholic, but keeping hydrated will make sure you last the whole day and not pass out
  • Morning After - Wicked bad hangovers can impair you (almost) as much as alcohol, so make sure you aren't operating heavy machinery the next day.

The Drink Chart

Not all drinks are made equal. Track your intake, so at least you can boast how much you drank to your friends the next day.

How pumped are you for St. Patrick's Day?

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