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Some may say that Montrealers are a little angry, what with hockey riots, ongoing language divisions, and plenty of protests, though anyone actually living in Montreal knows that it is a city built on love. We love to party, we love our food, we love art, and we love each other. Mashable knows Montreal is a city of love, and has given our fair city the 11th spot on its list of the world's 25 most romantic cities.

Described as "a little bit of Paris in North America" by Mashable (Paris took the top spot btw, so take that as a compliment) and noted the city's abundance of parks, cafes, and nightlife options as majorly romantic features of the city. The author also noted that the island of Montreal is also shaped like a kiss, or a boomerang, but the former makes for a much more romantic land mass.

We feel that Montreal should have been placed in the top ten, as you can always see couples of all ages holding hands in the streets or kissing, no matter the season. When it's negative 30 out and partners are still taking a romantic stroll, you know the city is full of romance, enough to battle the cold at least.

See how Montreal ranked against other cities in North America and around the globe by heading to Mashable's interactive romance-atlas here, and check out the top ten list, with Montreal included, below.

  1. Paris, France

  2. Sydney, Australia

  3. Venice, Italy

  4. Kyoto, Japan

  5. Bruges, Belgium

  6. Buenos Aries, Argentina

  7. Budapest, Hungary

  8. Dubrovnik, Croatia

  9. Florence, Italy

  10. Prague, Czech Republic

  11. Montreal

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