Love seems to be perpetually in the air, at least here in Montreal, as the city has been awarded yet another prestigious (well, sort of) world ranking, this time in the heart-department.

In a ranking of the world's 25 most romantic cities, Montreal was named the #1 most lovey-dovey in all of North America. Unfortunately, Montreal's worldwide ranking isn't quite as stellar, with our fair city receiving the #11 spot, but the competition was pretty damn stiff.

The folks behind the world-wide romance rankings is dating website, who admittedly used a "less-than-scientific" method to calculate their results. But hey, love isn't a science (though some concrete info like marriage and divorce rates per city was utilized) so we're willing to cut the dating site some slack.

Now, if they ranked Montreal far lower on their list of the world's most romantic cities, we might not be so kind and understanding, but here we are.

Describing Montreal as the "cultural capital of Quebec" (and rightly so), the city earned its romance ranking thanks to our "stunning blend of old world charm with a sophisticated twist" along with our "seemingly limitless parks, cafes... and sexy nightlife options."

Honestly, we can't argue with any of that.

Further giving the rankings some Montreal-cred was their suggested date idea, namely a trip to Dinette Triple Crown. While the web-ranking writer did mess up the Little Italy eatery's name (calling it "Triple Crown Dinette") the fact that they were knowledgeable enough to pick out a solid date idea (one of my personal favourites) in the city is actually pretty impressive.

But the truly burning question is, what cities were romantic enough to beat out Montreal for the first ten spots?

Taking the top spot is Paris (big shocker there), though the following cities are a bit more unexpected. Check out the full ranking of the world'st 25 most romantic cities below.

1. Paris, France

2. Sydney, Australia

3. Venice, Italy

4. Kyoto, Japan

5. Bruges, Belgium

6. Buenos Aries, Argentina

7. Budapest, Hungary

8. Dubrovnik, Croatia

9. Florence, Italy

10. Prague, Czech Republic

11. Montreal, Quebec

12. Lisbon, Portugal

13. Wellington, New Zealand

14. Bath, England

15. San Sebastian, Spain

16. Edinburgh, Scotland

17. New York City, USA

18. Jaipur, India

19. Charleston, USA

20. Marrakech, Morocco

21. Cape Town, South Africa

22. Los Angeles, California

23. Melbourne, Australia

24. Dublin, Ireland

25. San Diego, California

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