Photo cred - Buffalo News

An American company, Ice Bikes of Buffalo (division of Water Bikes of Buffalo) just designed ice bikes that allow you to ride a bike on the ice surface.

The bikes have a vintage-style body, equipped with a studded tire in the rear and a blade in the front. The blades are like you'd find on an ice skate, but dulled down to prevent the bikes from slipping while still allowing the bike to turn and glide.

The bikes were made for the outdoor rink Canalside, which opened this week in BuffThealo. Canalside is the largest outdoor ice rink in New York state, and it's the first to offer this unique activity.

 Lisa Florczak, co-owner of Ice Bikes of Buffalo, said that "the whole idea was born out of people who really don't know how to ice skate and aren't comfortable on the ice and we've heard from some special needs people this is a great alternative for them”. Either way, we need some for Montreal.

Photo cred - Ice Bikes of Buffalo

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