Last night, 5 Seconds of Summer (think 1 Direction, without a troll doll) announced some devastating news to their Montreal fanboys and gals: Montreal will not be on the 5SOS North American tour.

The MTL Twitter-sphere pretty much exploded with anger against this 5SOS snub (to the point of a twitter petition against it being created) and the tweets about it are equally crazy and hilarious.

Here are the best:

That's what moms are for

Ok cool, see you in a while

Cursed...or truly blessed?

Racist, really?

5SOS > Sleep. It's a sad fact apparently

So Hailey's mind has pretty much broken

Maple syrup on poutine? Screw 5SOS, that shit is next level

I think this is a failed haiku. And green bean? Is that a euphemism?

The one and only time murder is justified

Working title: "Woes Of A Fanboy"

Are you a 5SOS fan?

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