Bike paths are a great thing, but they do take a lot of room. Over the last few years we've seen them take over certain parts of the road and parking spots. But that's still not enough room, so move over sidewalks because bike paths are taking over.

A sidewalk near Laurier Park has been built at only half the normal width in order to make more room for a bike path and people are worried that this might become a new trend. There is a reason why sidewalks are as wide as they are, it's not because we're all morbidly obese, it's so you can fit things like strollers and wheelchairs.

As if wheelchair access wasn't limited enough in this city, now we're adding even more obstacles for people with reduced mobility. Who knows how many more of these they will build if no one complains about this one.

Some groups have been protesting the narrow sidewalk and one Montrealer decided to call attention to it by dancing on it, because a she puts it: "What else is there to do on a 70 cm wide sidewalk?"

SidewalkBecause what else is there to do?

Posted by Mistaya Hemingway on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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